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Week 9- ‘Finding your Feet’ careers fair

This week the university had a careers fair for students to work on what they're doing after the graduate. This included information and support for those wanting to go into postgraduate study, internships and graduate schemes. For this there were representatives from universities across the country and firms such as Siemens, NEXT and Moy Park. … Continue reading Week 9- ‘Finding your Feet’ careers fair

Week 8- Utilising Experts

Since I started uni, I’ve always wanted to do my own lecture. Now that I’m running out of time before I graduate and leave I thought I’d ask if I could despite not knowing what I wanted to do it on. Not wanting to provide useless materials, I emailed the module coordinator and asked what … Continue reading Week 8- Utilising Experts

Week 7- The big year

A few weeks into the final year of uni and there is a different buzz about the place. The lectures feel more important and everybody is engaging more with the seminars. As we are getting closer to graduation and leaving uni, everybody is using the resources that we should have done in our first year. … Continue reading Week 7- The big year

Week 6- Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and blockchains

  Written 14th September 2017, At the time of writing, China has announced that they will be making bitcoin transactions illegal and as of a few hours ago announced the Chinese bitcoin market will close on 30th September. This seems to be the first time that bitcoin traders seem concerned and everybody that I know … Continue reading Week 6- Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and blockchains

Week 5- Recruitment Agencies

After being unable to secure a placement for the next year, I am now going to be completing my last year of University in the upcoming academic year. This made me look at what I am doing wrong and have worked on increasing my employability. Fortunately a friend of mine at University has spent the … Continue reading Week 5- Recruitment Agencies

Week 3- Business Ethics and Uber

For the first time, ethics in business is playing a big part in how companies operate, and this is largely due to the millennial generation. My generation grew up in the one of the largest financial crashes ever recorded and the impact of this was visible. Financial struggles seemed to be the norm, store closures … Continue reading Week 3- Business Ethics and Uber