Jamie Livingston had an 18 year long project that ended only on the day he died. Carrying a Polaroid with him, he took one photo a day.

Inspired from a creative way to see into his world, I want to emulate his project. Armed with a (not so iconic) Samsung S5 and the potential to see beautiful cities across the world, my homage to Jamie is to attempt to impact somebody else creatively in the same way his gallery impacted me.

I fell in love with his project when I stumbled on it a year or so back. Being able to experience his life one day at a time, from the picturesque moments that we’d all pull our cameras or phones to, down to those quiet times alone, or with a loved one. Jamie had the opportunity not to show beauty of a single photo, but to show the time-lapse and story behind the photos. Though the pictures’ individual merit doesn’t resonate much within me, the collection as a whole and seeing his life, particularly towards the end I feel has a very strong impact.

Jamie Livingston died in 1997, after 6564 photos. The story behind them isn’t exceptional, simply the life of an ordinary man. Despite this, I would recommend anybody to look at the gallery.

All of the pictures can be found at http://photooftheday.hughcrawford.com/