I am a business and management student at the University of Lincoln. I am studying business and management so that I can apply myself and work on as many of the causes I care about in a range of industries, these include environmental protection and green business, sports, journalism, film and others. My degree gives me the opportunity to work within all of these industries without having to specialise myself to one in particular.

In person, you’ll often find me wearing my headphones lost in whatever I’m doing. More than likely, I’ll be behind my laptop screen working on some strange idea that came to me suddenly one day. Normally I’m highly underqualified for whatever I’m attempting to do but I’m always happy to put in the hours and pretend I know what I’m doing to whoever asks about it. Eventually I get it right… most of the time.

Despite a more relaxed attitude, I actively seek out knowledge where I can and always strive to improve what I can do and where I can do it. This is both professionally and personally. My philosophy is that everything I do is a representation of my character and who I am, because of this, I strive for my work to be at the highest quality it can be in order to fully represent myself and my values.


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