Week 11- Planning

Before writing this post, I think this is the first time I have something substantial to write about and feel I’ve done enough to justify writing about myself. But normally I don’t have a lot to write about as most of my weeks are just focused on university, so I’m going to turn to biweekly update, but if anything happens that justifies a weekly update then that may also happen. Its a bit touch and go!


Last week I had my lecture about utilising experts to some of the first years at the Lincoln International Business School (LIBS)– luckily I can say it was a great success and I’m really happy with how it went. The students all seemed really engaged and responded really positively with the message being put across, so I really think they understood the message being put across and will respond to it.

The ethos behind the lecture is that the university has a lot of resources and experts available for a range of problem or queries, these can range from assignment help to helping start a business with skilled careers officers to help with employment too. Despite this, nobody really uses or even knows about some of these services until they’re either late in their second year or in their third year. The talk was founded on the idea that nobody can make it alone and adopting a mindset of utilising and using the experts around you will benefit you in your own development– whether this being within university or beyond this and into their own careers. If students can practice and adopt this mindset early, then it will make them more willing to use the help around them when they need it rather than struggle.

In the second half of the lecture, I carried the idea of utilising experts and gave the example of the careers and employability team. This took the direction to that of applications and future employment, sharing insights on necessary skills and where to find them. This really helped bridge the gap between the university and employment and showed that even if you have only just started university– the world of work is never far away!


Now that I have finished the lecture I’m now focusing on planning the next round of my projects for the university: The TMP Assessment Centre and UoL4.0!

The TMP Assessment Centre (TMP being the abbreviated module code) is the next stage now that my lecture is done. My lecture was founding the basis of employability and how the university can help in finding that job after graduation, but now the students need to put that into practice! I’m currently designing an assessment centre for them to test their own employability skills in a mock scenario. Luckily I’ll be executing it with the help of others but the module leader has essentially left it down to me and made it my responsibility to create. As of right now, I have my plan completed and I’ve figured out the number of people I’ll need and other resources, but theres still lots more to do!

UoL4.0 is focusing on industry for zero. Though the design hasn’t been finalised, its likely that it will be a multi-day high-intensity workshop working with local businesses in applying new, revolutionary technologies into their organisations. Though these won’t actually be implemented, it will be using the specific and unique position of the organisation, allowing multi-disciplined teams from most of the schools across campus to work together to develop creative solutions.

Being the main students representing the LIBS, I have recruited two others to work with me and work with tutors and lecturers to further design the workshop. Next term, more students will be brought on board to further develop and create resources. From talking to the other people I’ve brought on board, I think I have the perfect pair who are both really knowledgeable on future technologies and also successful within the course so will be able to apply these to business scenarios.


Alongside planning the assessment centre and UoL4.0, I’m still working on my assignments (which are due in about 2 weeks), and focusing on getting that postgrad job!

But now that I’m in my final year, I’ve really noticed that although the end result of university is a degree, its definitely one of the more unimportant aspects of it. To me, university is all about professional and personal development. Unfortunately, the institution doesn’t encourage this form of development… unless you seek it out from them!

Although I don’t know an alternative, a better way to assess a university is definitely necessary. The main assessment is the typical grade students come out with, but this isn’t right to me. Until development in individuals can be quantified I don’t think a wholly representative measurement can be found, I find the true successes from a university should be on the graduates that come out on the other side, not what number is written on a piece of paper.

Its a topic I have a lot to say about, so its probably a topic for another week.

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