Week 10- Progress

This last week (and a half) has been mainly filled with moving to the next step of my work and looking for my next challenges.

Typically, I’m the sort of person that if I run out of tasks to do or don’t feel overwhelmed with work, I struggle to stay motivated. So on top of my assignments for uni I’ve looked for other challenges and things to fill my time with, these include doing my own lecture as I mentioned last week. But another little side project I’ve been looking into has recently had some big developments.

So while I was in Malaysia, one of the speakers and a workshop was on TRIZ. From this talk, TRIZ has interested me an awful lot—simply because I’ve never seen or worked with a model of its nature before. I spoke to the university about the topic and ended up talking to the TRIZ ‘expert’ of the uni, who coincidentally is one of my lecturers and seminar tutors.

The only problem is that he is more than happy to admit he is very skeptical of TRIZ and doesn’t know it very well at all—but he’s essentially the only person at the business school who has heard of it or done any work with it.

Despite this, we had a meeting after one of the seminars and were able to talk about the topic at length, with both us teaching and explaining concepts one another didn’t know. Since then, we’ve had the occasional conversation and about it and often chat after lectures. This is when he told me about the university had applied and been awarded cash from a grant for a project they’re working on, and the good part? I had an impact on some of the concepts being included as TRIZ is being included. Once I got home after being told about the potential of this course, I emailed my lecturer and said that I’d like to be included if there is anything I can do to help because at this point I’m still looking for chances to develop my CV.

Cut to this afternoon while I’m leaving the lecture, he asks me to stay behind to chat to me and told me that he’d like me to find and build a team of students to work with those who are building the course. We’d be invited to meetings to help find relevant dates, topics, build the structure of the course etc.

Though there is still a very long way to go at this point before it will be ready and there is still a reasonable chance it won’t go on at all, it’s still an interesting step and exciting that I’m being given the responsibility to build the student team from the LIBS

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