Week 5- Recruitment Agencies

After being unable to secure a placement for the next year, I am now going to be completing my last year of University in the upcoming academic year. This made me look at what I am doing wrong and have worked on increasing my employability.

Fortunately a friend of mine at University has spent the summer working in recruitment and gave me a series of tips on improving my CV, how to be found by recruiters and ran through typical questions he would give applicants to determine their suitability to a role.

The day after his advice I put all my notes into action and remade my CV from scratch. This time I included experience and skills I never would have previously considered and have updated my profile on sites like Indeed, JobSite and Monster.

The affect was immediate.

I’ve already had a few emails and calls from recruiters, the traffic on my LinkedIn page has rocketed too as well as being searched more. The work only took me a few hours even though I’m not actively looking for a graduate job yet, I feel it is going to be a huge help for when my search does begin.


Recruiters work on search parameters so if you are to be found by an agency, the CV needs to come up in the search filters and so should be streamlined to make it as easy as possible to find. This includes:

-Key words such as graduate, location, business, name of the wanted role etc.
-All software you are familiar with, not just Microsoft Office
-Consider Misnomers, Photoshop/ photo shop
-Look at job specs for the role you want and consider the terms that would be search for that, adapt your CV to include them. Include the title in the CV too, e.g. Procurement
-Look at the roles you’ve done in the past and see the skills that were tested and developed. Consider large search terms rather than specifics. Use terms like design, customer service etc. instead of industry jargon or terms only employees would use.
– Only use jargon if you are aiming for a role in that industry and employers would understand and search for or require.
– Consider everything you’ve had experience with. Despite having never worked with data professionally, I have had a lot of experience of managing and working with data, particularly from my degree. So I never considered including it originally.
– Make sure your account activity is monthly including your CV being updated monthly. Any longer than a month and the chances of being hunted are significantly reduced, any longer than 3 months and the odds are too small to consider. The idea being behind this is, if you were searching over a month ago, you’ve probably found a job.

With data trawling software and job sites having easily used search parameters, people aren’t going to read every CV they get. What that employer is looking for has already been decided and if your CV hasn’t got what they’re looking for then your CV won’t come up in their searches. So consider what they’re looking for and streamline your CV to include those parameters.


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