Week 1 – Starting a new project

My name is Callum Hopkins, a business and management student at the University of Lincoln, I’m an enthusiast for far too much, have an opinion on almost anything and am always willing to explore and ‘widen my horizons’. I’ll be posting weekly about what I’ve done, exploring ideas and sharing experiences with whoever is reading; so some weeks will be a lot more interesting than others.

This blog will be focused on my professional life and following my journey as I enter the workforce and begin my career. Topics that I expect to talk about include: sharing and reviewing my experiences of the previous week; discussions of businesses, business strategies and philosophies; theories and models from my studies; current events etc.
The topics aren’t set in stone and if I have a brainwave or something happens that I want to share, I’ll probably jump on my laptop and update the blog.

Though I don’t know how I’ll get there or what the role will look like, my goal is to work within and commit my time towards environmental protection and working towards and low carbon future. This is a future aim though, right now, my focus is graduating and submitting a killer dissertation- and if I can, completing a placement in the process.



I’m hoping I stay committed to a weekly entry and maybe at the end of a long career I’ll be able to look back at how it all started and see the highs and lows of my achievements. Maybe you’ll be able to do the same.

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